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Leading EDJE provides superior technical and project management consulting services to assist our clients with the development and implementation of today's ever increasing complex solutions. We specialize in all phases of technology development; from inception and design to development, implementation and knowledge transfer. Our reputation for delivering remarkably sound solutions while promoting high, positive energy is unsurpassed.

Enterprise Application Development

Developing enterprise applications is not a trivial task. Understanding how to approach complex issues is critical when delivering a solution on time and under budget. In today's complex business environment, the need to provide real-time information and to be able to tie different technologies into a seamless solution is imperative. Building applications that fit into distributed environments, such as Rich Internet Applications utilizing business and integration services, is often a requirement. Whether it be Flex, Ajax, ASP.NET, or JavaServerFaces on the front end integrating with JEE or .NET web services on your ESB in the data center, our experts will help you realize your software needs.

Our Architects and Developers are not only well versed in the latest most prevalent technologies; we understand how to build quality software solutions. Developers merely knowing what specifications state, how to program to a framework API, or only of specifics of language syntax leads to software quality that is all too often, poor. Leading EDJE technologists not only have expertise in industry leading platforms such as Java and .NET, but we go further in striving to maintain experts who understand how to effectively analyze and design solutions. We take this approach so the implementations incorporate aspects of quality software, such as encapsulation, loose coupling, and high cohesion. Understanding how to design, develop, implement, and maintain distributed applications is more than just understanding how to write code. Our experts possess extensive experience in these facets of implementing enterprise applications. We strive to ensure that not only do the products meet the business requirements but are of the highest quality.

Ultimately, we are providing services through individuals or teams that our clients will know they can count on for more than specific technology platform knowledge, such as writing ASP.NET code to predefined specifications. By partnering with Leading EDJE, our clients will retain adapt IT professionals who can apply technology expertise beyond a typical "contract resource". These facets include aspects such as application architecture, integration, development methodologies, along with the ability to understand the clients business. Our people possess core qualities of technology aptitude aside from merely understanding a specific aspect of a given technology.

Technical Project Management

Leading EDJE knows that in order to successfully drive a project to completion, the Project Manager must have a thorough understanding of both the business needs and the technologies being utilized to implement the business solution.

Leading EDJE employs Program and Project Managers that are both PMP certified and have experience in the design and implementation of technical solutions. Our project managers stand out in the crowd of the ever-increasing number of PMP certified project managers. Leading EDJE Project Managers have been in the shoes of our clients technical development staff and know the challenges that development teams of today are facing. We understand that each project is unique and requires different processes and procedures. Our Project Managers are versed in a wide variety of methodologies, including Agile, Scrum and traditional Waterfall, and are able to adapt quickly to apply what is necessary to make your project a success. We pull from our technical and management backgrounds to develop the right methodology for your projects based upon the project scope, solution and organizational needs.

Process Management

Leading EDJE brings to the table the insight and experience necessary to help our clients create a new or redefine an existing PMO using proven techniques. Organizations have different needs and a "one-size-fits-all" PMO does not exist. Our Process Management experts will help define the goals and objectives, determine and implement the best processes and procedures and provide knowledge transfer in order for our clients to manage independently.

Business Analysis

Business Analysts at Leading EDJE have experience defining requirements for projects of all sizes in multiple domains. We work with our clients to create a well defined set of requirements that can be understood by all team members.

Studies show that most projects fail because the delivered solution does not meet the needs of the business. Many organizations discount the need for a solid set of requirements before any design and development work begins. But Leading EDJE experience has proven that delivering solid requirements up front will result in less rework, improved technical solutions and overall a higher level of satisfaction within the end user community.

Leading EDJE Business Analysts understand how to drive requirements from the business - they know the questions to ask and how to stay out of the trap of analysis paralysis. By delivering high quality business and functional requirements up front, the Leading EJE Business Analyst will ensure that the entire project team understands our client's business needs, resulting in avoidance of the ever dreaded scope creep.