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Most consulting firms claim that they are different because they have the best people working for them...thats a pretty big statement when you have a large number of people with such a diverse skill set. Our talent is in application development in leading edge technologies, period. Thats it. Leading EDJE consultants are an elite group of talented Architects, Developers, and Program/Project Managers who are interested in a healthy, local employment environment in addition to a quality family life. At Leading EDJE, our associates define us. We are a small company with conservative growth plans emphasizing value verses volume.


Appreciation is another way Leading EDJE stands out from other firms. Because of our small size, we have the ability to be more creative in many ways...showing appreciation is one of our favorites. In addition to the repeated lunches and happy hours just to say "Thanks man...knuckle me", we have a structured list of "perks" for your picking. Our "professional perks" include a bucket of money set aside for each associate to use for professional growth. In addition, twice a year, our associates can select from a list of "personal perks" which have absolutely nothing at all to do with work. We continually challenge ourselves to come up with new and interesting ways to reward our associates. All ideas are considered, with the only stipulation being that it must be legal, and of course you must be able to tell your mom about it!


We understand that benefits are important, so weve got the standard benefits and then some. Click here to see a complete list of Leading EDJE benefits.


This is really where the fun lies! We are a young, aggressive company who is passionate about what we do for a living and what we live to do! We have monthly dinner meetings with all associates that consist of a little bit of biz and a whole lotta fun. Whether its playing video games on the big screen after a pizza dinner, or meeting at a cool restaurant for dinner; we find a way to give work a fun, personal touch. Due largely in part to our small size, in addition to being close friends, we’ve developed a very tight nit culture, which our families seem to appreciate. Our outings include OSU football games, family day at the zoo, golfing, and company picnics. We also hired a French chef to prepare our nine course holiday meal. We are an intimate firm who not only respects each other professionally but also socially.


If you feel you have the talent and desire to be a part of a very cool young company, please send your resume to interested@leadingedje.com. For additional contact info, click here .We look forward to discovering and developing your talents along with ours!